Renovation Tools And Equipment
Renovation Tools And Equipment Organize Your Pile Of Boxes 'You Pack It, We Move It' Cargo Trailer
  • June 10, 2015
  • NEWS

Got renovations on your mind? The weather is finally cooperating this month and if you are now thinking on renovating. Now you are wondering where to stor all of your belongings during your renos. Guess what? We can help! Do you need more than a truck to get your belongings? We can help with that too!

You Pack It, We Move It!

You are busy renovating. You don’t have time to worry about moving your stuff. So, here’s the deal. We have that solution for you! For local residence, we can drop off our moving trailer at your front door. You load the moving trailer at your own pace and once packed and ready, we will come pick it up, move you to your new location, and leave you with the moving trailer to unload your belongings and we’ll pick it up when your done. Easy peasy!